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Ghana may have one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, but its true beauty lies away from the cities. Some of the most stunning sights in Africa are located in its tangled, tenacious wilderness, and eco-tours will allow you to enjoy them while simultaneously protecting the environment and supporting local communities.

If you're ready to experience Africa the way most tourists never do, here are eight sites for eco-touring in Ghana!

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Nini-Suhien National Park

Let the birds welcome you to Ghana with a trip to Nini-Suhien National Park, one of the officially protected areas of Ankasa. You can take walking, hiking or biking tours to go deep in the forest and surround yourself with literally hundreds of species of birds!

Unesco Trading Posts

As you might have guessed, these are fortified trading posts designated by Unesco as World Heritage Sites. You can see them along the coast all the way from Keta to Beyin, old but standing tall as a monument to Ghana's history and culture

Bojo Beach

Escape the chaos of the big cities with a relaxing evening at Bojo Beach. It's small, private and pristine, making it a wonderful spot for re-connecting with nature or simply enjoying the fresh air of Ghana.

The Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Home to more than 700 monkeys, this sanctuary is a locally-owned and eco-friendly business that gives back to the community with every ticket bought. Not only will you enjoy fun trip into the wacky world of primates, but you'll be helping the local villages, too.

Kintampo Falls

These 70m waterfalls cascade down a series of rocks from their hidden spot in the forests surrounding the Pumpum River. They're a perfect sightseeing opportunity for both day trips or extended eco-tours


Known as "The Garden City" for its abundance of flowers, Kumasi is also home to the last vestiges of an ancient civilization known as the Asante. If you're looking to truly explore the heart of Ghana, you won't want to miss Kumasi.

Ada Foah

Once a thriving sea port, Ada Foah has suffered significant erosion and weather damage since the Dutch first started trading there in the 16th century. It still has beautiful beaches and picture-perfect colonial homes, but the sights won't last much longer, so go and enjoy them while you can.

Kakum National Park

One of the only national parks in the world to be created by locals, not the government, Kakum National Park is a breathtaking example of both natural beauty and community spirit. Have you ever walked a rainforest canopy 40m high? Well, here's your chance! Take an eco-tour of Ghana and enjoy one of the most stunning and unique attractions of Afric

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